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About Our Free Range pork..

The Devon Large Blacks have a preference for total free ranging and are not suitable for the intensive barn rearing methods used by many of today’s pig producers.

Our pigs are totally free range, they farrow outside and have plenty of natural shelter around the farm for them to live in. There are no crates or houses at The Farm Gate and the animals have 80 acres of bush and paddock to live in..


About our Pigs

The Devon Large Blacks have huge lop ears and a long deep body. They are very quiet pigs and suited best to outdoor rearing. The sows are wonderful mothers and can produce many piglets. About 3-4 days before the sows have their piglets you will see them take themselves off to build a nest for their young in the bush or quiet end of a paddock.

Devon Large Blacks are also great foragers and their food source is varied from the paddocks and bush that they go between. They are renowned for both pork and bacon but are primarily a bacon pig.

The Berkshires are black pigs with white extremities and a pug like face. They are very placid animals and produced for the quality of their meat flavour and texture.

The combination of the Devon Large Blacks and Berkshires makes for wonderful tasting true free range pork bacon and ham.

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