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A Bit about A Lady Butcher:

Hannah Miller, owner/operator of A Lady Butcher: Purposeful Meats (aLB), started the business out of a passion for New Zealand produce. With a butchery & chef background, Hannah (American-born) was frustrated with the lack of NZ dry-cured meats available on the market, so she started making her own. This hobby quickly outgrew her husband's beer fridge and before she knew it, had captured the attention of such magazines as Dish & Cuisine as well as top chefs around the country.

With a strong commitment to working with local farmers, Hannah was soon introduced to Amanda and Wayne at Farm Gate Produce and hasn't looked back since. She loves her weekly conversations with the couple, which lead to sustainable business practices that highlight their nose-to-tail worldview. Curing whatever she can get her hands on, her range includes staples such as Free Range Coppa, Pancetta, & Guanciale but also some lesser known cuts like Spalla, Culatello, & Fiocco. The pork truly speaks for itself so she only cures with enough organic Marlborough sea salt, herbs from her garden, and spices from Central Otago to allow the drying process to begin.

Core tasting notes include:

  • Coppa: (Lightly) Smokey & Spiced (Cardamon in the cure & Smoked Paprika crust)
  • Guanciale: Silky & Sweet (Cured with Horopito, Lemon Zest, & Fresh Mint)
  • Pancetta: Fresh & Savory (Cured with Lemon & Orange Zest, Fresh Rosemary, Fennel, & All-Spice)
  • Lardons: Diced savoury bits of guanciale & pancetta ready to crisp in the pan.

For more information please contact A Lady Butcher at: aladybutcher@gmail.com


A Lady Butcher