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Farm Gate Free Range Eggs

In 2011 Farm Gate decided to increase their flock of chickens after seeing a gap in the market for totally free range eggs.

All day our chickens run freely with the pigs and the cattle. They forage naturally on all our different grasses. There is plenty of fresh water and sun for them in Northland with a river running through our property as well. They love having dust baths after the pigs have moved on to another adventure or a wallow in one of our many ponds.

We run Brown Shavers, Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshire Reds.

The Brown Shavers are prolific layers and can produce up to 350 brown eggs per year.

The Rhode Island Reds are particularly good at foraging and free ranging.

The New Hampshire Reds are a faster feathering bird which means they retain heat and increase feed conversion. We selected these because of the large brown eggs that they lay.

Duck Eggs

At certain times during the year we also have duck eggs available to sell. Please send through an email if you require information and pricing.


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Free Range Eggs

Free Range Eggs